ICT4S Community Workshop Proposal

Bits & Bäume - Strategies for Connecting Digitalisation and Sustainability

Date: Friday 26 June, 14-17:00 (BST)
Duration: 3 hours
Medium: online input, small group discussions, discussions
Audience: community and civil society focus on digitalization and sustainability
Language: English

1. Nicolas Guenot holds a doctorate and has done research in the field of computer science in Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin and works on the socio- political aspects of digitalisation. He is committed to climate justice, was part of the organising team of the Bits & Bäume Conference 2018 with a technical and ecological view and is working on sustainable technology and digital capitalism.
Contact: n.guenot@knoe.org

2. Max Bömelburg is studying political science in Leipzig and is active in various social movements. He works on climate justice and digitalisation from a social-ecological perspective.
Contact: m.boemelburg@knoe.org

3. Anja Höfner works on the topics of sustainability, digitalisation and socio- ecological change. She was part of the junior research group on digitalisation and socio-ecological transformation at IÖW , and was active in the organisation team of the Bits & Bäume Conference 2018 . She is co-editor of the anthology "Was Bits und Bäume verbindet".
Contact: a.hoefner@knoe.org

Call for Participation (CfP)
In Germany, digitalisation and sustainability have increasingly been discussed together since the Bits & Bäume conference, which took place for the first time in Berlin in 2018. The conference has shown that there are common values in environmental and tech movements, such as an orientation towards the common good or democratic participation. It has laid a foundation for the public debate on how to design digital technology that is oriented towards social and ecological goals. In the workshop, we want to present the Bits & Bäume movement and activities in Germany and then work with the participants to determine the state of networking in other countries, the potential for combining the two topics and the strategies for thinking them more and more together. In addition, we want to discuss what political starting points there are for joint action at European or international level.