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PhD/Doctoral Symposium Participant Guide


Participant Affiliation Work title Youtube pitch video (3 min) Doctoral Symposium video (10 min)
Nuoa Lei Northwestern University, United States A robust modeling framework for energy analysis of data centers Youtube Link Youtube Link
Vijanti Ramautar Utrecht University, Netherlands Model-driven ethical, social and environmental accounting Youtube Link Youtube Link
Ian Brooks University of the West of England, United Kingdom The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Systems Engineering: Eliciting sustainability requirements. Youtube Link Youtube Link
Christopher Crabbe University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom Smart Parking for Future Smart Cities Using FogComputing Paradigms
Huseyin Burak Akyol University of Bristol, United Kingdom Misleading Persistence Forecast Effect in Time-Series Forecasting in the Context of Energy Youtube Link Youtube Link
Andreas Fritsch Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Towards a Modeling Method for Business Process OrientedOrganizational Life Cycle Assessment Youtube Link Youtube Link
Clemens Schreiber Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Automated Sustainability Compliance Checking Using Process Mining and Formal Logic Youtube Link Youtube Link
Srinivasa Phani Chitti University of Bristol, United Kingdom Data Model, Collection and Evaluation Framework for Local Energy Systems Youtube Link Youtube Link