Formatting Instructions

In order to publish your paper in the proceedings, please follow the following instructions:

1. Prepare the camera ready version of your paper.

- If you are using Word, you must use the interim template provided in, in the subsection “Word Authors – Interim Template” where you will find a link to the template (Interim layout.docx) and also to an example (interim sample pdf).
- If you are using Latex, you must use the Latex template provided in, in the subsection “LaTex Authors”. Be careful because there are different available options with the template “acmart” and you must use the sigconf option. Clicking on the link “LaTeX (Version 1.7.0)” you will access to a .zip file with a directory “samples”. In that directory you will find the “sample-sigconf.tex” template and the “sample-sigconf.pdf” example.
Any questions regarding the ACM authoring templates must be referred to the ACM TeX support team

2. Transfer publishing rights of your paper to ACM when requested. The first author will receive instructions from ACM in a separate e-mail. When you submit your e-Right form, please make sure that the data in the form exactly match the data on your paper. After completing their e-Right form, authors will be emailed the complete rights text and bibliographic strip that must be added to their paper.

3. Send the camera ready of your manuscripts (source files and PDFs) to the proceedings chairs Leticia Duboc ( and Monica Pinto ( Please be aware that the rights statement provided by ACM after you complete the ACM rights of your paper must be included into the paper as it is. Any change may delay the proceedings publication.

4. In order to ensure all the ICT4S attendees have access to your work during the conference, please add the pre-print version of your paper to ArXiv ( with the same deadline that the camera ready version of your paper. Once you have done so, please send an e-mail to Mónica Pinto ( and Leticia Duboc ( with the subject "ICT4S-2020-preprint", indicating in the body:
(1) Authors,
(2) Paper tittle;
(3) "Main conference" or "Name of workshop";
(4) Link to Arxiv.
Please be aware that must be a previous version, without the final corrections made for the camera ready.