ICT4S welcomes participation from all interested persons. Attendance is free unless you have a paper to be included into the conference proceedings. Registration is necessary for the event management. The following registration options are available for ICT4S:

1. Presenter (main track) £100.00 Presenters at the main technical track with publication in ACM proceedings.
2. Presenter (PhD Symposium) £30.00 Students presenting at PhD Symposium.
3. Presenter (Poster) £40.00 Presenters at the Posters Sessions.
4. Presenter (workshop) £20.00 Presenter at a workshop with paper published in ICT4S proceedings.
5. Attendee (invited speaker) £0.00 Invited speaker, e.g., for keynotes, panels, workshops.
6. Attendee (no presentations) £0.00 Attendance of all events is free, unless you have a publication included into the conference proceedings.

Note: Limits authors should choose the Attendee (no presentations) category, as their registration fees are covered by the workshop organisers.

Early Registration deadline is: June 12th. A 30% price increase on all categories of registration will be imposed for those registered after June 12th.
Please register here.