Message on Virtual Participation:

ICT4S is going fully virtual. You can join us from your home or office.

When : 21 to 26 of June 2020.

Registration is required to enable activity planning. Please register here. We have a number of paid for (where proceedings are published) and free of charge activities.

The events are timings are set out in the programme.

  • We will have a set of great keynotes.
  • Research papers will be presented in virtual conversation format (i.e., small group discussions; each accompanied with collaborative note);
  • Discussion Panels will be held on a number of topics;
  • PhD Symposium will be held to provide feedback and networking opportunities to the PhD students;
  • Workshops will be held virtually to enable discussion and collaboration.
  • What else is going on?
    There will be fringe events (details TBA) and the opportunities to chat online with other attendees.

    How can I take part?
    Joining the sessions: Blue Jeans
    Sessions will be held via BlueJeans. Before ICT4S starts, please make sure you have downloaded the BlueJeans and familiarised with it a bit.
    We’ll share the specific links for the conference sessions upon registration.

    Asking questions: Slido
    Slido allows the audience to submit and vote for audience questions, so the ones that the speaker answers are the ones most people want to hear. Create an account and download the app here.

    Taking notes: Google docs
    We will have a shared google document for each sessions so that notes can be taken in collaborative manner. These documents will be open for everyone to view, write into and edit, no login or registration is required.

    Please take some time to check that the technology works so that you can enjoy the conference week. 🙂